Whether you are trying to store a few rakes and shovels, keep your new 4-wheeler out of the snow, or build a new barn for your goats we have you covered literally.  


We have 3 main roof styles to choose from. We have the Basic Barn, the Tall Barn, and the Conventional Roof.



All Buildings include:
 - paver bricks, leveling blocks up to 12", and pressure treated skids for the building to sit on. 


 - 2x6 floor joists 2 ft on center with 3/4" CDX plywood (we also offer no floor models with perimeter beams, just ask) 


 - 2x4 construction 2ft  OC throughout


 - T-111 Siding (No OSB in our buildings unless specifically requested)


 - 5/8" CDX roof sheeting, 15lb roofing tar paper, and your choice of shingle color


 - Heavy duty T-hinges, galvanized lag bolts (not screws), and 4ft single shed door (6ft double door available on most models)


 - 3 year warranty 

Basic Barn Style Shed
Tall Barn w/ 1/2 Loft
Conventional Roof
Custom Cabins
Popular Custom Options

To contact us, call or text:


+1 907 360-5849


Or email us at: info@billsbarns.com